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Get the help and extra services that you don't get with your car insurance.

"Outstanding service! I just can't believe how good it was. Thank you so much – I’m recommending you to all my family, friends, colleagues, the lot!"

Paula Samuels, London

Total Motor Assist from Assist Protect

We save you hundreds of pounds

Our accident recovery saves you £250+
Saves paying for car storage after recovery
Helps avoid claims on your car insurance
Saves paying your car insurance excess
Helps protect your no claims discount
Special member discounts & offers

Get our multi-car, multi-driver membership today. You might not know it yet, but you really need it.

We're not a breakdown service. Our accident management services sit alongside your car insurance, giving you all the essential extra benefits that you don't get with your insurance.
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The difference between what you get from your insurer and what you get from us might shock you:

Valerie's story

What did we do for Valerie and
how did we save her £580?

Read Valerie's story

Steven's story

What did we do for Steven and
how did we save him £1,590?

Read Steven's story


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